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Aug 14

Orem Arts Festival poster

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 in Concert poster, Drawing, Illustration, Print

Elemental asked me for a family friendly poster for their set in the Orem Arts Festival. Somehow I got from the suggestion of “Monster Family” to what you see below. I had some other ideas of where to take it but I ran out of time. I think we’ll probably use this one again (probably for a guitar wrap as well) and maybe I’ll rework it then.

Elemental Moster Family

Bring on the comments

  1. I’m not sure if it was the intent, but this made me giggle. The faces are Adventure Time-y in the best of ways. Their rounded teeth make their creepiness the best kind of dopey-creep. I like this alot.

  2. So why am i so slow to realize that i can leave comments? Your site would have been littered with Brandonisms years ago. I love this, my desktop wallpaper at work is still a collogue of our stuff that i sent you. Have you ever considered selling Jeffective shirts? When you do let me know because i want to order a case!

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