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Nov 17

Little Caesars animated menus

Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2012 in Flash, Graphic Design, Motion Design

Little Caesars is changing their menus from printed panels to three 40″ flat screen televisions that digitally project the menus. They came to me and asked me to create an animated menu with dynamic capabilities. So I created a Flash file that can span all three TVs. The Flash file is controlled by an XML file that I scripted. They can open the XML file in NotePad and change all the prices of the items and turn the Hot-N-Ready flames and logos on or off. Recently they shared with me some of the feedback they got from a survey of 171 customers and it was almost through the roof positive (always great to hear). One other feature I created, but it turned out they didn’t need, was a script that checked the time of day and automatically turned on the right flames for the Hot-N-Ready pizzas. The reason they didn’t need it was that their IT department had already figured around that.

This is an image of the full menu

Little Caesars Animated Menu

Because it’s so wide I’ve split it into three sections but the three pieces are supposed to interact with each other so it makes more sense when they are all in a line. The menu items slide from the side menus to the center when they are featured and when the Hot-N-Ready center slide comes up the flames in the side menus flare up to call attention to the pizzas that are Hot-N-Ready at that time.

Feb 19

3 Projects Past

For whatever reason these projects got passed by without being posted. Rather than spread them out over the next few weeks (and get more behind posting projects) I’m going to combine them into this one post.

First up is a logo for Kimberly Jane Photography. Fortunately her favorite flowers are lilies (which can look very different depending on what kind they are). It made for a really interesting logo mark. So I created this vector lilly to compliment the color theme and text.

Kimberly Jane Photography

Next is a Coaster for Hoppers. Based on the Chill concept I created previously and the piranha I did for their t-shirts. It seemed an effortless project. Like putting puzzle pieces together that were meant to be together in this perfect space.

Hoppers Coaster Illustration

Lastly is a website header I did for Money Desktop in Flash. There are 5 animations meant to run continuously with small pauses in between or to be clicked around using the navigation at the bottom. It all came together quite nicely. Click Here to see the animation

Flash Module

Nov 7

Granada Advisors Flash Website

Posted on Saturday, November 7, 2009 in Flash, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Websites

This was an intensive website to build. It has a lot of features that I had not created before, rss feeds right in flash, full screen flash expansion, swfaddress (separate urls for each swf or page loaded in). It also has some features that I have worked with before, contact form, music player, etc. I think it turned out great and I learned a lot creating it (always a plus). You can view the site here:

GranadaAdvisors home page

GranadaAdvisors why granada page

GranadaAdvisors work granada page

GranadaAdvisors careers page

GranadaAdvisors contact page

Apr 4

New Jeffective site

Posted on Saturday, April 4, 2009 in Flash, Motion Design, Websites

Version 4.0 of is finally launched. I’m very happy with it and hope to be for a long time. I’ve brought back some favorite features like the punish the artist game, I’ve also incorporated the sketchbook into the site. I hope to have the store up and running soon so I can sell prints of my work. As you can see my blog has been restyled to compliment the new jeffective site.

jeffective website

Feb 23

Flash Banners

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009 in Flash, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Uncategorized, Websites

So I did this collection of flash banners for a corporate website. Below are the static images of the banners. To view the animations click here.. You will be taken to a page where you can stop and start each banner as you please. Each banner has some continuous motion after the initial animation plays out. They were a lot of fun to do (anything in flash is fun, really).

PMI banners

Apr 20

Elemental Website

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2008 in Drawing, Flash, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design, Websites

The Elemental flash website is mostly completed. Enough that I can post it and send people that way. It turned out great! I’m very pleased with it. I created illustrations of each of the members of the band to cycle through on the landing page. They are wrapping up recording there first album (I can’t wait) and are happy to launch their official website. So check it out at

landing page

Elemental website 1

Music Player

Elemental website 2

Jun 19

Rock Solid Repair Website

Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 in Business Identity, Flash, Graphic Design, Logos, Motion Design, Websites

This is the website for “Rock Solid Repair”. Located at I gave the instructions page step-by-step animations so that there is no mistaking how to use the product.

Rock Solid Repair Website