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Jan 22

Album Cover for Natural Super Natural

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 in Drawing, Illustration, Packaging, Print

This post has been a long time coming. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through as many concepts/revisions as I have with this project. I was dissatisfied with so many of the early drafts that I just couldn’t bring myself to push any of them through. However the result is something that I think is pretty cool. As a whole I think it’s pretty effective and when it’s split apart (below) It drastically changes the feel of each concept to the extreme Natural or Super Natural.

Natural Super Natural Album Cover

Full Cover:

Natural Super Natural Album Cover


Natural Super Natural Album Cover alt 1

Super Natural:

Natural Super Natural Album Cover alt 2

Oct 11

Outback Flashlights: Defender Packaging

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012 in Graphic Design, Packaging, Print

I’ve been working with Outback for over a year now but because of the sheer volume of work I’ve produced for them I haven’t posted anything. Some of it can be seen in the portfolio at my homepage but I want to try and post more of it here so that this doesn’t become just an outlet for my Illustration. Anyway, for each of their products I create a unique logo, Box Display, Ad Slick and Postcard. This Flashlight is a little unique in that it also has it’s own packaging. I was very pleased with how it all came out so I decided to start my Outback postings with it.

Outback Flashlights Defender Packaging

Jul 3

Elemental Single Album Cover

Posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 in Drawing, Illustration, Packaging, Print

This was originally going to be the cover for Elemental’s sophomore album, but then time passed and the album name changed. So we decided to use if for the first single. The cover is inspired by a line in one of their songs “Let your spirit strengthen my sword arm”.

The Fever Has Run It’s Course Album Illustration

The Fever Has Run It’s Course Cover Illustration

Oct 1

Cancer Song single artwork

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2011 in Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging, Print

This was actually a concept that I had created for Elemental’s upcoming 2nd album. We had moved past it long ago but I really liked it and felt it had it’s place somewhere else. When they told me they needed artwork for their first single “Cancer Song” I thought this worked perfectly.

Cancer Song album

Cancer Song cover

Dec 12

Crio Brü packaging

Posted on Sunday, December 12, 2010 in Graphic Design, Packaging, Print

Here are the product shots of the first two flavors of Crio Brü. For those who don’t know what Crio Brü is, first of all it is not coffee. It’s brewed like coffee (in a coffee machine or french press) but it’s made from cocoa beans. We really wanted these to stand out on the shelves and each flavor will have it’s own unique color while staying within the same theme. Eventually the graphic will be printed over the entire bag but for now they are labels pressed onto a black bag. These are a lot of fun to design and I’m looking forward to creating the other flavors.

cavalla package (front)

Cavalla Packaging (back)

Vega Reál (front)

Vega Reál (back)

Vega Reál (product shot)

Sep 23

Hoppers Gift Cards

Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2010 in Graphic Design, Packaging, Print

So I had the task set before me to design a new Hoppers gift card and holder. After turning in my concepts, they liked two of them so much that they decided to put both of them into production. They turned out pretty nice and I can’t wait to see the final product.

Hopper Gift Card 1

Hoppers Gift Card 2

Sep 12

Serious Skin Packaging

Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 in Graphic Design, Packaging

These are proposed packaging designs for the Serious Skin Solutions line from Miracell. I used the image of the dry desert as a quick visual communicator of what the product is for. Then for the more specific products the recognizable skin patterns on the human hand were used.

serious skin solutions packaging